July 25, 2009

My Spots

1. Hattiesburg, Mississippi
A giant rocking chair! Unfortunately, it was taken down after the Country Rocker furniture store was demolished in Katrina.

2. Clarksville, Tennessee
A 19th century tobacco port. Well, it was in the south.

3. Chattanooga, Tennessee
A wooden sculpture outside of the Tennessee Aquarium- I love how it looks like it's trying to crawl away.

4. Tulsa, Oklahoma
The Golden Driller Statue, the largest free standing statue in the world at 76 feet tall 43,500 pounds- another lovely roadside attraction!

5. Jackson, Mississippi
Jackson, Mississippi by William Eggleston. I want to BE her. Couch and all. I've been to Jackson before, it was nice. Much like everything else in Mississippi, but I think I'd prefer something less prone to hurricanes.

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