August 11, 2009

One Woman, Multiple Artists

Kim Noble is an unique case. She's an artist, but she's an artist twelve times over. She was diagnosed with Dissociative Identity Disorder (multiple personalities) and all her alters seem to be artistically inclined. I find a lot of her work creepy, but what's more interesting is seeing the different styles (there's that word again) that come from each personality.

You're Special- Shut Your Mouth, by Ria
(Creepy and graphic, in a way that reminds me of Frida Khalo.)

Darkness, by Anon
(Creeeeepy. Again.)

Picking Flowers, by Ken
(My favorite favorite favorite. Such gorgeous colors!)

Kaballa 4, by Key
(My second favorite. It reminds me of the patterns Clive Barker put on a pair of Candy Quankenbush's pink pants in an illustration for his second Abarat book.)

Catch or Throw Girl, by Abi
(She spells her name splendidly, don't you think?)

Baby World, by Karen
(My third favorite.)

See more from her here.

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