November 17, 2009

The Letter

So today my beloved key that is after M but before O i the alphabet died, meaig I am ow datig a cute boy amed Bejami (souds Frech, oui?). Poor kid has had to traslate all my messages because although my woderful father did maage to dig up a old keyboard (ever before have I bee so glad he works i computers) it's still kid of a pai to use. So, ow, I basically just have this perpetual cold that I type with, because it turs out a lack of that lovely letter makes for a great stuffy ose accet.


  1. I love my iece.

  2. I had the exact opposite thing happen to my n-key! It fell off, and when I stuck it back on, it became uber-sensitive so if I didn't edit what I typed, everything was like "It's a nnnnnnnice day out, isnnnnn't it?"

    Then the same thing happened to my space bar. Good thing I was due for a different computer anyway. >.<

  3. Friggin' N's. (I'm using another keyboard -.- )