October 19, 2010

I Heart: The Circus

I've always loved the design aspects of the circus- the fancy type, the bright colors with a tinge of dirty and hay, and the ability to pack and move from place to place all nomad style (if only I were so organized). Check out this cool stuff, boys and girls:

I love how the kitty looks so petrified. (from etsy seller busterandboo)

Dark Cycle Clothing does a bunch of neat biking animal designs. Until I see a cute kitty, though, this fly on a unicycle is at the top of my list.

I originally saw this kick ass circus tent ring on the blog Greedy Girl. Unfortunately, it only comes in size 6 1/2 (what nonsense!) and I don't think I'd want to wear such a chunkerific ring on my pinky.

(In case you don't have kitten tail fingers like I do and are looking to drop fifty-two buckeroos, it also comes in red.) (by Old Gold Boutique)

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