January 11, 2011

We Say Meow

I just ran across this phenomenal blog where two crafty ladies, Mary Kilvert and Anke Weckmann, feature artists who have kitties in their art (and the kitty helpers that help them make their art). I don't know how I didn't come across it earlier... especially since both their etsy shops are in my favorites! Here's some of the stuff you can find there:

The great shapes illustrator Matte Stephens creates,

this spectacular kitty pattern by Jessica Swift,

and these upcycled crayons made by KittyBabyLove, whose cute faces my cousin Tamie actually just introduced me to last week. :)


  1. I just linked to 'we say meow' and I think I found your Doppelgänger! (Meow 10 / Gemma Correll from July 16, 2009.)

  2. thanks for your comment on my chicken pattern, abigail! not only do i totally love chickens, i totally love kitties, too! that matte stephens cat is so awesome!