May 10, 2009

Motherly Advice

Last night at Starbucks, a 60-some-old man ordered a coffee from me, looked me over, and then asked, "Are you in school?" I assumed he was hoping I didn't slave away behind an espresso machine full-time at age 20, so I answered, "Yeah, I go to the Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design." (Since No One ever knows what MIAD is.) He apparently did- he goes, "MIAD?" Me: "Yup." Him: "Good for you." (Here he looked me up and down again, this time with a bit more respect.)

Then, as he was walking away with his coffee, he added, "Happy Mother's Day- don't become one."


  1. Hahahahaha poor Curly Fry, Amelia, and.....can't remember any of the boy names.

  2. (P.S. The warped word I had to type to post the previous comment was "chracko" and I think we should integrate that into our daily vocab. As in "That's chracko!" meaning bonkers....although I think I still prefer bonkers.)

  3. "Don't become one?" wtf?! XD