May 26, 2009

Rude Gestures

As keeping pads upon pads of gesture drawings can become quite the messy task, I recently went through mine and took pictures of my favorites.
Some might be missing legs, but I figure (no pun intended) they might come in handy later on.

I have also discovered I like squatting. I mean, I like drawing squatters. There is no right way to say that.
And then... the piece de resistance... just in case all us straight, non-kinky gals were wondering what doggy style looks like to the blokes, one model was kind enough to demonstrate. Inspired by Edward Gorey, my ass. Her ass, actually.


  1. Oh god... unfortunately I was drawing next to you... XD

  2. Hahahaha

    I like the squatters, too. They are just so compact it makes getting proportions correct so easy!