June 12, 2009

Reads: Two Sedaris' and a Meyer

Rating: 2.998 out of 5
I read Naked prior to reading Barrel Fever, and was definitely confused for a moment when I realized that the stories were not all true little ditties from David's life. I found the back portion of essays to be much more enjoyable, as they were both true and not as wacky (I mean, still wacky, but a better kind of wacky).

Rating: 4.002 out of 5
As the vast majority of these stories from the lovely David Sedaris came from a time when hitchhiking was not an uncommon occurrence, it spoke straight to my love of the '70s. I only wish I had been one of his sisters so I could have turned out even half as kooky as Amy. (On a side note, to anyone who wants to research the book Naked online, be sure to add "Sedaris" after the word "Naked" before you click to search on Google Images. I could have linked you to a lovely array of porn, but I was trying to keep this post somewhat kosher.)

Rating: 4.79 out of 5
I definitely preferred this one to the first in the series- sure, it had the same number of horrible cheesy adjectives, but there was a hell of a lot more Jacob Black goodness. And the way the heartbreak was described was amazingly accurate. My problem now is getting a hold of the third and fourth books as the reserve lists at the library are incredibly long and I refuse to buy two in hard cover when I already own two in paperback.


  1. a) I can bring you the last two if you want to wait two months

    b) You finished Naked before me. I've been horrible lately and not reading.

    c) You should read Dress Your Family in Denim and Corduroy next because I think the description of his and Hugh's house in France sounds EXACTLY like what yours would look like.

  2. a)I'm attempting to procure them from the little sister of a friend from high school. I don't know if I can wait two months- but if it doesn't happen by then you will SO be getting notified.

    b)nar nar

    c)I already started Me Talk Pretty One Day, but don't worry, they go fast.

  3. Me Talk Pretty One Day is also amazing. I'm still choked that I missed him the other day in Vancouver. FOR FREE.