June 24, 2009

Sunflower Bouquet

Eventually-- I estimate in 9 years when I'm out of debt-- the tattoos will commence. I might like cartoons, but what I put on my body I would prefer to be at least pretty realistic. I've been thinking a lot about sunflowers lately- they've always been my favorite flower- though what I've seen out there in the way of tattoos didn't suprise me. (Meaning, about 80% of the ones pictured online were frighteningly ugly.)So I've taken note of a lot of styles I want to avoid. Such as the chopped off thick stem look, as well as the "I'm a sunflower yet I have apparently been mutated to have one third the amount of usual petals and the remaining ones have all gotten fat". (tattoo by John Dorr. Sorry John Dorr.)
This one looks like it's done in pastel, which in and of itself is kind of cool, but I wish there was some alternative solution to making the yellow petals separate from the skin other than the section of blue sky. No black outline could have been nice... if not for that damned blue halo. (credit)
This one. Evenly placed petals with a plop of dog doo in the middle. I promise, that's all there is for the things I need to avoid with a vengence.
Good: randomness, detail, more than one shade of yellow. Note how the petals aren't all identical. Note the lack of shit. (by Selina at Tat-2-Theils)
This one is by far my favorite of all the ones I've seen. The green adds some interesting color, the detail is gorgeous, and the outline is present enough to make it nice and solid but not around everything, which I think tends to make things look like they've been traced or are from right out of a coloring book. (tattoo by Malia Reynolds)Same tattoo, more developed. <3


  1. Oh! I totally agree! The 3rd one down looks like clip art >_>

  2. There is something very appealing to me about the sunflower right below the nape of the neck in the center. It's so....even and calming right there. Balancing, sort of.

    I've been thinking a lot about floral tattoos since I started my job! I really like the dahlia in the last photo!

  3. You there! Have less of a life like me so that you can update more. I'm getting tired of looking at sunflowers.

  4. I love the Dahlia flower in the last image, my fav! I have been thinking about getting one on my foot near my other tatoo on my foot.