September 28, 2009

Love Is Blind. And Hungry.

I know this is an event almost everyone comes across at one point or another in their life, right? How to mail a cake across the country 70 degree weather? Well, first, you make a cake. You make it marble (his favorite) and slave over fondant for... what? Three hours? Dude, fondant is hard. It seems hopeless at the beginning- you're basically trying to knead powdered sugar and water. It's phenomenal that it can turn into something so smooth and cool looking!

The design is a circuit board (he also got a trinket box made out of circuit boards and a subscription to Maximum PC- I like themes). The best part, in my opinion, is that he got the thing below and still thought it rocked. Which shows that he's either a sweetheart, visually impaired, or just a hungry hungry hip-er, boy.

I do think it's quite cool that the green fondant melted into the blue fondant. That deeper green you see around the edges was the buttercream layer between the fondant and the actual cake, it was colored from a different cake I'd frosted. It was wrapped in a plastic bag, and then bubble wrap, and then the box was stuffed with newspaper so things wouldn't jostle (like my mother's glass plate).

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