October 14, 2009

Cute Little Monsters

They may maul 74-year-old ladies half to death (read here- Benj has excellent timing when it comes to sending me articles he thinks I might find amusing), but damn, raccoons are cute. And still some of my favorite animals. I'm just not dumb enough to, you know, go poking at them with sticks.

For an uber-quick poem illustration:
(And I say uber because Benjamin was here all weekend, therefore I started and finished this baby tonight. Why I am staying awake to post it here, I have no idea whatsoever. Call me a masochist.)

I kind of want to tweak the opacity on the garbage stuff... but since I was tired and did the garbage like three different layers that it didn't belong on in the first place, that's not gonna happen. Not sure what I think of the author's name being cramped up in there, either. It was cute fifteen minutes ago, now it just looks... squashed and uncomfortable. I'm moving that sucker.

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