February 28, 2010

Don't Ask Don't Tell

For my illlustrative portraiture class we had to show both sides of a political issue with no bias- which is friggin' hard. Unfortunately due to *ahem* relationship issues I missed the critique when I would have loved to have seen what others in the class made, but either way- here's mine. I tried to make it so it would form to your point of view when you looked like it- either you could identify with the proud serving gay person or you could identify with the wary other guys.

(Sketch, in progress, and final.)


  1. How did you make camouflage cute? I DONT GET IT.

    I really love this illustration, by the way. :)

  2. Easy! Add pink. It's what all the hip kids on base are wearing. ;) And thanks. :)

  3. I think you did a really impressive job with the showing both sides aspect. I like its ambiguity.