February 10, 2010

I Heart: Hearts

V-Day is right around the bend and although I know it's despised by half my friends it's one of my favorite holidays. I love frilly girly things, I love cutesy marketing schemes, and I heart hearts.
I've always craved a pair of these guys from Fred Flare but I've never been able to justify spending $11 on them... although considering I'd probably wear them all the time this might just be the summer I cave in.Cute vintagey rangler T from Forever 21's Heritage line- I love the bright blue and, duh, the vintagey vibes.This simple hammered ring from Lazydayz is just delicate enough... might look silly on my kitten tail fingers but I don't care, it rocks.This cut-out dress from Fred Flare is A-Dorable. I'd wear it even if I was single and it was July. Check out the back view!


  1. I bought dollar heart ice cube trays from Target to be festive <3

  2. :D If I used ice more often I would be in heaven.