April 5, 2010

Bus Driver Offerings

Because some teachers are cruel, they assign things like "illustrate an embarrassing moment you've had while going to MIAD" and then I end up drawing things like this... because I am a pervert. Chelsey had forgotten her bus pass so I was merely making the suggestion that she offer the bus driver something else in exchange for his services, however I managed to do so while a big tour of potential MIAD students was being led right past us in the illustration studios. My bad, heh?

These were my two options for how to illustrate that equivalent of shouting "blowjob!"- popular vote elected the second.

Before, when the lines were all brown and stuff.

Finished version. Some things I want to change, but overall I'm happy with it. I changed my embarrassing moment late in the game so that coupled with Easter caused me to rush a little bit at the end, but for something that was primarily done in one night, I like it.

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