August 10, 2010

No More Carpet

I've had the same baby blue walls in my room since- well, since I first moved into that room when I was... what, seven or so? There are a couple half-finished nasty pseudo-murals I painted when I was an angsty preteen, and I've finally reached a point where I want them covered up. Initially, I just wanted to purge and paint- but since my room is below grade by about four feet and often smells musty due to the carpeting, my parents suggested redoing the floor, too.

After much debate, I'm (pretty) confident with this choice on the floor- vinyl plank flooring that floats so it'll be easy to remove if needed, and it won't matter if it's directly on top of concrete. In light cork. :)

As for paint colors, I know I want a bright teal, but I haven't decided on one quite yet. Looking at them online, I'm leaning toward the far left or far right- I have also the sample chips at home and when I look at them here, I'm leaning toward Sweet Rhapsody. What do you think? (From left to right: Sea Life, Intense Teal, Sweet Rhapsody, and Gem Turquoise.)

1 comment:

  1. I think you should paint the wall on your left when you walk in (where you have your Amy Sedaris book and VHS tapes) the Intense Teal and then all the other walls the Sweet Rhapsody. Accent wall ftw.