September 14, 2010

Cats, Cats, Cats, Cats, Snake.

Here are some of the rough color work ups I was playing with for my logos. At this stage I was still pretty torn between a few of them (juice box kitty, keyhole/tie kitty, and ice cream cat) but now that I've been dinking around with type I think I have a winner. You'll get to see those later.

This one earned points for its graphic nature- the dark vs. light really stuck out as a clear image, but it doesn't look a ton like my typical work.

Juice box kitteh! And look, I can even add undies and nipples if I want!

My fear with this one is that it would end up looking too much like San-x food-kitties. The dots on the fur/ice cream are supposed to be sprinkle markings-- on a later version I took the outlines off and they became a lot clearer (if you look closely now you can see there are actually a few colored jimmies under there!)

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