November 3, 2010

Costume Collections

On Halloween this year a little boy, probably three or four years old, came to our door trick-or-treating dressed as Woody from Toy Story. As he held out his bag, we asked him "What are the magic words?" expecting a "trick-or-treat!" in return, but he stood there for a moment, clearly thinking 'Well I know it's not 'thank you'... maybe it's 'please'...' and then he finally squeaked out "French... fry?"

I didn't get a chance to dress up this year, but here are some of the things my awesome friends did.
Joey and Mark made me squeal with glee- they're Harry and Draco! They're dressing up for the premiere on November 19th, too. I can't wait!

Jaclyn was Keyboard Cat... geeky costumes are the best, are they not?

Chelsey, Kyle, Marisa, and Jamie all participated in the Waukesha Zombie Walk. They all looked so great, if there is another walk next year I'm definitely taking off work!

(HP pic via Mary Cate Raynor. Zombie pics by Cory Albrechtson. I can't find where I got Jaclyn's pic from, but it's not mine!)

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