March 11, 2011

American Hoarders

All finished!  There are lots of Easter eggs in this one (but not nearly as many as I've managed to shove into Sylvia the Silky-Faced Wonder's tattoos!).  I love stashing little details into pieces; for instance, Gene, the fellow, is collecting model tractors and cars because that was something my grandpa did.  Can you find some of the other treats?  Look for: a tiny pitchfork, the actual American Gothic painting, some lollipop-esque Grant Wood trees, and a sled (Rosebud, as per the instructor's request).  (Click the image for a bit of a leg up in your quest.)

 (PS: Can you find the two kitties?)


  1. Sam and I watch Hoarders when our boyfriends ditch us. Hoarders and beer.

  2. I just have to tell you that your header is adorable!