March 4, 2011

I Heart: Carnivals

My senior thesis is based on carnival banners, so I have a enormous collection of inspiration files stashed all over the place with related images.  Since I haven't done an "I Heart..." in a while, I thought I'd upload some of the things I've been looking at.

This great glass from Fishs Eddy, my favorite housewares website.  Their glasses are really thick and sturdy.  I'm pretty sure you'd have to really drop this fellow to break him.
Super sweet Barn Buster wines.  They're actually based off the designs seen around race houses, but I think the colors and designs could work either way.
This cute little piece by Charmaine Olivia.  I like a lot of her looser work, but I find a lot of her portraits have identical faces. Lately I've really been obsessed with geometric patterns like the one used for the ground here, which is one of the main reasons it stood out to me.