April 20, 2011

Photo Booth

Today my school had something of a school-wide series of talks among students they called MIAD Define, where seniors could volunteer to talk to any interested underclassman about their thesis work and the entire "end of school" experience.  We had a sort of fancy photo booth set up near the elevator, taking a slice of art school life one by one.  The camera was controlled via smart phone and while still standing in front of the lens, we could glance down at the phone in our hand and see the photo we'd just taken.  The set up was great- I'd love to have an entire school sort of yearbook taken that way.  Here are some of my favorites from the day, but you can see all of them here.

(Pictured: Me, Jasmine Barmore, Jake Otto, Mariah Holterman, Calvin Whitehurst, Leah Sablich, Courtney Allison, and the MIAD River Rat.)

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