April 4, 2011

Sylvia the Silky-Faced Wonder

This weekend I gave away shifts at Starbucks so I could do more homework.  Yes, I am that cool.  In lieu of paycheck, I have received the comfort of knowing not all hope is lost when it comes to thesis.  After working my tush off, there are only three out of the ten pieces left to finish, and all of those are about half done.  The end is nigh!

Meet Sylvia (and click to enlarge, for heaven's sake).  There were all sorts of goodies I managed to hide in this one, stuff for a lot of my friends, names, my birth date, and then just some silly snake-tattoo-humor like the dead mongoose.  The idea of putting "Jesus Sssssaves" somewhere was tossed around but ultimately discarded (sorry Thad!). 

1 comment:

  1. Hahahaha you never told me about the "Jesssussss Ssssavessss" idea.