May 25, 2010

Practically First Graders

Today was my last day with my kindergartners, and as a thank you I got some of the best presents ever! 1. A card they decorated and signed. 2. A class photo! It was great being able to show everyone the kids that I've been working with this past semester, so they can finally put a face to the stories.
(p.s.- Sarah, can you find your dad? :p )


  1. Posted right after "Arrange the Boobs". Nice.

    Very cute!

  2. Umm... please don't hate me when I point out that you may not want to have kids' pictures with full names online for privacy and legality reasons.

    I'm really glad you enjoyed working with them, though! I bet they adored you.

  3. Totally fixed! Thanks for the heads up, Hermione. <3