February 27, 2011

Ben Kweller & Pete Yorn

On Friday my Canadian Marisa and I bussed over to the Pabst theater to see two boys that I have wanted to see in concert ever since I was fourteen--Ben Kweller and Pete Yorn.  Poor Ben was incredibly sick, but he still came up on stage in his parka and played six songs or so, all which sounded great.  He was flanked by two barf buckets, and I kind of wish he'd used them.  It would have been enough to make me buy the recording afterward. 
Seeing Pete was like a dream come true for me. I've been a fan of his music ever since his first album, musicforthemorningafter came out in 2001.  Along with the two albums that followed to make up his little musical "triology", I listened to Pete all while reading the kick ass Abarat series by Clive Barker, and during the concert the vivid images from those books kept flashing through my mind.  He played (almost) all of my old favorites.  It was an ah-mazing night.  Even the part where I fell in a snowbank while trying to brush the snow off my car.

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  1. Love BK. I've seen him a total of four times now, and every time has been completely magical. So jealous you got to see him recently! It's been awhile since he's come around these parts.