February 28, 2011


On March 13th Target is re-releasing 34 dresses from its Go International collection.  I've worked there all five years that the collection has been going on, so there are a lot of dresses I've seen come and go and a lot of cravings I had to (sort of) resist.  Here are some of the ones that I'm really stoked to see come back in--there is no way I'm letting that color blocked dress get past me this time!
(l to r:  Tara Jarmon colorblock dress, Erin Fetherston chiffon dress with a bunny print [I shelled out for the matching long underwear when it was originally in stores], and Zac Posen polka-dot dress)
However, I really wish this gorgeous Zac Posen floral brocade dress was coming back.  I put off even trying it on when it was in stores because I loved it too much and it was around eighty bucks, if I remember correctly.  When it was on about 75% clearance I finally let myself try it on and it was hot stuff, if I do say so myself.  Of course, at that point it was also impossible to find my size.  (Of course.)  Ah well.  A girl can dream.

See all 34 dresses here!

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  1. thanks for the comment! AND HEY, I love your kitty for Society! I'll be at the show as well, so maybe we'll bump into each other.