May 31, 2010

Garage Sale Season

Here are my two top finds from the last couple of weeks:

1. A Lucite napkin holder from the shop Dragonfly down on Brady. It's price was a little more than I wanted to spend (especially considering one corner had been busted and glued back together sans a couple pieces) but I couldn't pass it up. When I was little I had absurd dreams of a sunflower themed kitchen and this fit way too perfectly into my seven year old-self's dream world!

2. This excellent example of kitschy art that will have a proud spot on my bedroom wall once I'm done rearranging everything. The dowel that the owl is perched on looks oddly new (though I'm sure it isn't, it would be nigh impossible to shove it in there with that frame on) so I think I might try and stain it so it isn't quite the sore thumb. I'm sure it was from some pattern, because I'm fairly certain I've seen an identical one on The Dainty Squid's blog. I picked it up with my parents in this old woman's garage for mere pocket change.

May 28, 2010

Norman and Eileen

Just a couple shots of the kids. Norman can seem so stoic (when he's not off hiding) and Eileen really really loves towels. Mom is going to love that I posted piles of our dirty laundry online.

May 25, 2010

Practically First Graders

Today was my last day with my kindergartners, and as a thank you I got some of the best presents ever! 1. A card they decorated and signed. 2. A class photo! It was great being able to show everyone the kids that I've been working with this past semester, so they can finally put a face to the stories.
(p.s.- Sarah, can you find your dad? :p )

May 11, 2010

Arrange the Boobies

I've played with different parts of this site before, but today I found the little area where you can sort titties by color, areola size, or droopiness. I definitely took a screen cap so I can use it as a tiled background on my laptop. There are also pages on the site featuring nipple hair, maps comparing where women and men want to touch and be touched, and music genres categorized by how often they talk about certain body parts.

May 8, 2010

Most People Probably Don't Make This Cake for Birthdays

But since we don't have any men around that are coming out, we thought we'd use our awesome penis cake pan for Liz's 21st birthday. The fact that it's a rainbow cake is just because rainbow cakes are so damn pretty.

The distribution between colors from balls to tip was a bit uneven, but we still filled 'er up.

Pretty bowls. :) We accidentally washed green through violet before we realized this was a pretty picture.
It looks a bit like a tye-dyed penis.
We decided to go with a nice, pinky peach tone of frosting. Special attention was given to the scrotum texture.
Oh, by the way, Liz appreciated our efforts.

May 5, 2010

Good Morning, Decades

...and now, since it's approaching four in the morning, I am going to go to bed. Did you know that sea lions aren't born with the ability to swim? (Morning news is on.)

Here Are the '60s

Just making sure you were paying attention. This is the '80s. I think I might darken the line work a little.

May 3, 2010

...and Dusty

All done! It looks roughly 6.7% like Miss Amy Sedaris, but I stopped caring quite a while ago. Purple Dusty looks more like himself if you ask me. I still like it.

May 1, 2010

Easter, 26 Days Later

Because they're supposedly awesome-sauce (and also really cute) I tried making some of these macaroons way back when for Easter. They were "raspberry" flavored, by way of some raspberry jam in the filling, though it really wasn't enough to bring the taste upfront. Mostly they were just fun to look at. The taste... eh. Pretty bland and not exactly sweet.
Also, here is an Easter bunny, made especially out of ham and mashed potatoes. Note the cross made out of forks. For the record, this photo is sideways, but no matter how many times I rotate it, it still uploads crooked. So tilt your head.