January 31, 2012

An Outfit to Get Sick In

 an outfit to get sick in

Thankfully, by the time I managed to finish this and post it, I am all healthy again!
I have determined to use these outfit posts as a way to exercise my hand and have fun, to force myself to draw outside of work. The more I play, the more I like the results. :)

January 25, 2012

I Heart Sugar & Spice

sugar & spice


I just found out one of my best friends will be having a little girl come summer and it is making the girly girl inside of me do happy cart-wheels. Babydoll tops with tiny leggings, with tiny chubby legs inside? Yes please!

(PS: What do you think of the new blog makeover?)

January 15, 2012

Updates, Updates

Hey ya'll, I just updated my etsy shop with some more of my thesis prints at a discounted price of $25 each.  Be there or be square.

 And, because I don't recall posting pictures from the senior show this past spring, here are a few...

January 13, 2012

Ten Paces & Draw, Part II

...and for my own contribution to the website, I finalized Paul Sargent's sketch of the stereotypical drive-in theater... sort of.

Ten Paces & Draw

Here's to blogging again--I'm gonna do it, really! My big life update from my summer absence is that I am now a totally employed graphic artist, designing in Kohl's kid's department. In just a few months my first pieces will be rolling out in stores... more on that come summer.

This week, however, was Teen Movies week on the kick ass blog Ten Paces and Draw. If you're not familiar with the site, it's a blog where illustrators sketch on a specific theme each week, swap sketches, and then finalize another artist's sketch. Quite brilliant.

I had a big 'ol list of teen movies I wanted to pay tribute to (or rather, I wanted some other illustrator to pay tribute to) but I ended up sketching the Maitlands from Beetleguise, because they're just sexy like that.

 And here's the final piece, finished by the awesome-sauce illustrator Victor Melendez. I am in love with the final.  In love!