July 6, 2010


A tiny gradient of flies from what I've been working on tonight. :) Clickin' for full view will do you good.

July 1, 2010


In the back of each of my sketchbooks I always save a page or two for the silly things the people in my life say. I was doodling out a poster that I'd just dreamed about, "Giving Brings Us Together" (for a poster designing contest held by Winona State during their welcoming events... other contestants were painting around print outs of Helly Kitty with white out... there were also two little boys (Aidan and Cameron) who were flirting with me/buying me a salad after I realized what I was eating was a fish that still had bones and eyeballs/bringing me a Barbie things to play with!) ...Anyway, I was doodling and glanced to the back of my sketchbook and cracked up remembering how bizarre we can be at times, so I thought I'd start a collection of them here.

(Haha, it kind of looks like I'm naked in this picture... I promise I'm clothed!)

"I've ridden that horse and it left a bad taste in my mouth." -Chelsey

Liz: Elvis apparently pooped while on stage.
Chelsey: Is that why he wiggled so much?

(while discussing web hosts)
"I leech off CJ's ridiculous package." - Liz

(after sighting some ladder golf balls stuck high on a tree branch)
"Check out the balls on that tree!" -Mom

"Is this pie chart a circle?" - Marisa

Marisa: Maybe we won't get Alzheimer's when we're old because we do crossword puzzles...
Me: (doing a puzzle) What? A precipitate whose second letter is A??
Marisa: ...rain.