August 31, 2010

Dress Shopping/Bus Waiting

After an entire day of searching for a wedding dress for Marisa (not a wedding dress wedding dress, just something she can wear to the wedding) we got bored waiting for the bus to take Marisa back to Milwaukee. She ended up finding a cute dress the next day.
(Oh, and so far it's 3 votes for the flowered dress and 1 for polka dots.)

August 30, 2010


There are a bunch of pictures here, but I'm torn between which of these two dresses will be coming up with me to Jamie and Chris's wedding this SATURDAY! I can't believe they're getting married... expect a lot of pictures! So- here's the question: Blue polka dot or navy floral print? And then, do you have a cardigan preference? Don't be shy.


...or red?

Alright, I doubt anyone can tell the difference between these two red cardigans but me... but what the heck. (If you're wondering, the top cardi is darker. And softer aka much better quality.)

I wasn't able to find a yellow cardigan that I liked (even though it was my first color choice with this dress) so this is just a zippy I own... if this is the winner then I have some last minute searching to do!

Not that it really matters, but I thought I'd throw it in- the bags to go with each dress.

Also, Happy 22nd Birthday to me! :)

August 25, 2010

Momma Deer

Dad has been playing with his new toys, a couple motion-sensing infrared cameras that are manufactured for hunters so they can see if they have friends hanging out in their territory. The other week he set them up facing our apple trees/the neighbor's rose bushes, and we finally got photos of the deer that munches on both! (As well as this other deer that looks kind of funny. I think it might have eaten a rotten apple or two...)

(For those of you who can't tell, that's my mother out there pretending to be a deer at 4:17 in the morning.)

August 19, 2010

My Turn!

My father and I are big Dexter fans (because it is awesome and if you don't watch that show now, I give you permission to drop all other tasks and go absorb some!) but we don't watch it until the DVDs come out. Since season 4 came out this past Tuesday--and I worked the two past nights-- tonight was our first chance to squeeze in an episode. And it was awe-some!! (Unfortunately, I caught the season ending via a Facebook update boo hiss but still, if anyone blabs I will rip out their kidneys and sell them for profit!)

August 10, 2010

No More Carpet

I've had the same baby blue walls in my room since- well, since I first moved into that room when I was... what, seven or so? There are a couple half-finished nasty pseudo-murals I painted when I was an angsty preteen, and I've finally reached a point where I want them covered up. Initially, I just wanted to purge and paint- but since my room is below grade by about four feet and often smells musty due to the carpeting, my parents suggested redoing the floor, too.

After much debate, I'm (pretty) confident with this choice on the floor- vinyl plank flooring that floats so it'll be easy to remove if needed, and it won't matter if it's directly on top of concrete. In light cork. :)

As for paint colors, I know I want a bright teal, but I haven't decided on one quite yet. Looking at them online, I'm leaning toward the far left or far right- I have also the sample chips at home and when I look at them here, I'm leaning toward Sweet Rhapsody. What do you think? (From left to right: Sea Life, Intense Teal, Sweet Rhapsody, and Gem Turquoise.)

August 7, 2010

Please Sir, I'd Like S'More

I haven't had a chance to make real s'mores over a fire (so far) this summer, but at least Ashley and I had a chance to microwave some!

num num!

August 6, 2010

Still Turning 21

Here are some more pictures from Chelsey's 21st (and Marisa's, in spirit! their birthdays are only three days away from each other, after all). After Buffalo Wild Wings, cake, our usual inappropriate discussions and some games, we traveled outside to a nearby park where we found out just how much we stink at taking pictures mid-jump. I've tried it before and every single time it surprises me how difficult it is. Boo!

out of all the pictures we took I think there is perhaps one where a person is airborne the rest we're all just in mid-landing position/doing silly things


August 5, 2010

Playing Catch Up

Things have been so busy in the end of July that I have a bazillion pictures to post! I'll try to do things chronologically... but no promises. There are a lot of pictures. Here are some from Chelsey's 21st birthday party- back in JUNE.

piggin' out at Buffalo Wild Wings (for the sake of Chelsey's pride, those were ordered for both her and Kyle)

look, dino sprinkles!

the inside was full of Chelsey colors :)