June 10, 2010

It's Happening Again

I pride myself in being a long time Threadless fan (I placed my first order six years ago). It's the same feeling you get when your awesome cool neato band that only you listen to is suddenly blasting on the radio--kind of proud, kind of "But I did it first!"

As it is (and especially nowadays since the prices have gone up), I only order when they have their $10 sales. I typically allow myself a max of three tees... there were a few too many dorky kitty shirts out there this time around so my limit got a little stretched. Heh. (Don't worry, only to four!)

Millipedes Are Like 10 Times Better Than Centipedes by Sam Zivot

the classic Three Keyboard Cat Moon (which I have been coveting forever because I am a dork) by Oxen

and last but definitely not least, Meowy Wowy by tenso GRAPHICS
This is probably my favorite from the bunch because it reminds me of an old T-shirt of my mother's I wear a lot, which features three cats rocking out with the words "Sex, Mice, and Rock n' Roll" underneath.

The sale is only on until the 14th! Go!

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