June 17, 2010

Rummaging 6/11

Just a couple things I picked up last Friday...

This vintage jewelry box is in pretty rough shape (there's that paint on the outside, some glitter glue on the mirror inside, and some damage to the lining) but I love a little restoration project, plus...

It had stars on it!! (This was the main sell point.) The boy manning the rummage was someone from my graduating class (AJ, I think his name was?) and he was very quiet and creepy, so I moved through quickly. He did have a cute black kitty that he shushed off a chair that was for sale, though. :)

And my favorite purchase, this little family of raccoons! I found them in a rummage full of very nice vintage (and expensive!) wood furniture along with a lot of collectibles... these were really the only cute/silly/thing for under a dollar there, and when I happily brought them up to the elderly gentleman who was running things he looked at them and said, "What are those? Raccoons? ...my wife must have stuck those out here."

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