June 21, 2010

Rummaging 6/17, Part 2

These are the last two things I shoved in the car last Thursday when my mother and I were out rummaging. Look!

This little bookcase was exactly what I kind of knew I needed but wasn't ready to admit it yet. (Aka: I have way too many books and no place to put them and every other bookshelf I've seen is giant and modern.) It was also from the Klusendorf "farm" (I'm sure I mutilated their name) and even though it's missing its back piece, I adore it. It's got just the right amount of wear and tear to it, and it came from a woman who knew me when I was four.

I've seen quite a few drawers like this in my rounds, but this one had everything- pretty good condition, the original handle, and no mysterious larvae hanging around. I've been looking for one to hang on my wall and stash all my teeny-tink knick-knacks in and this shall work peeeerfectly. I cleaned off the grey paint on the side and who knew? It's actually light blue. (ps- Cleaning finds may or may not be my favorite part of the entire shebang.)

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