June 1, 2010

Crazy Kitties

One of my favorite projects we worked on in my art class with the third graders was making cats inspired by Laurel Burch--the best part was I had the time to make one alongside them! Here are a few of my favorites... including my own. You can see everyone's here, at Artsonia. It's a neat website where the kids' art is uploaded so their family members and friends can see what they (as well as everyone in their class) have been working on. It's the best change there's been at my elementary school since I went there, I'd say! I'm totally jealous!

Taylor's cat looks happy and fat. And French?

Jolene's looks dreamy and kind of sad, I think.

Anthony's cat totally looks like he'd be the annoying kid in class. I adore the whiskers.

This guy is mine- it was windy when I was toting him to my car so the pastel got a little smudged in places, but am rather fond of his fat head.

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